1. Hack This Site
  2. Confused By Operator Precedence
  3. In Useless Condition
  4. Upside-Down Arithmetic Shift
  5. Is It Row-Major, Or Not?
  6. Almost A Radix Sort
  7. Too Much Padding
  8. Uncorrected Prediction/Correction Compressor
  9. Uncorrected Prediction/Correction Decompressor
  10. String Search Boot Prefix
  11. XOR Swap Misguided By Mask
  12. Bungled Burrows-Wheeler Transform
  13. Bungled Burrows-Wheeler Inverse Transform
  14. Bad Code For A Bad-Byte Shift
  15. Fumbling Bit Fields
  16. Botched Bitwise Arithmetic Encoder
  17. Botched Bitwise Arithmetic Decoder
  18. The Bit That Decides It
  19. Prefix Sums That Don't Add Up
  20. Mangled Morton Space-Filling Curve
  21. Noncontiguous Addition (Nearly)
  22. Noncontiguous Subtraction (Not Quite)
  23. Union-Find Lost And Found
  24. Suboptimal Matrix Multiplication Tree
  25. Sparse Bit Vector A Bit Broken
  26. Attempting To Reroot A Tree
  27. Attempting To Remove The Root Of A Tree
  28. A Long Strange Treap
  29. Breadth-First Search Bogged Down
  30. Shortest Path Faster But Also Wrong
  31. Erroneous Bytewise Integer Encoder
  32. Defective Bytewise Integer Decoder
  33. The No-AI 3-Clause License
  34. Lidar Obstacle Misdetection
  35. SECDED Wounded But Not Dead: Checksum
  36. SECDED Wounded But Not Dead: Cleaning
  37. Below Average
  38. Broken Broadword Matrix Multiplication
  39. Blindfolded Byte Search
  40. Sparse Matrix-Vector Mix-Up
  41. Batcher's Merge Exchange Sort (Sort Of)
  42. Part Float32, Part Float16, Part Wrong
  43. K-Means Demeaned: Initial Centers
  44. K-Means Demeaned: Lloyd-Forgy Clustering
  45. In Soviet Russia, Matrices Multiply YOU
  46. Winograd Done Bad
  47. Bit Extraction Misguided By Mask
  48. Bit Insertion Misguided By Mask
  49. Supposed To Transpose
  50. Wrongly Connected Components
  51. Diabolic Systolic: Output Stationary
  52. Diabolic Systolic: Weight Stationary
  53. This Split-K Is Not OK
  54. Float8 To Float32 With A Fault
  55. Float32 To Float8 With A Fault
  56. A Spanner In The Works
  57. Backward Over The Edge
  58. Breakdancing Links
  59. Who Watches The Watcher?
  60. Degrading The Gradient
  61. Attention Deficit Disorder
  62. Hard Times In Softmax City
  63. Twisted Rotary Position Embedding
  64. An Apple In The Garden Of Eden